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OUR practice

California presents a unique and complex labyrinth of rights and obligations for employers and employees.  Law Offices of Cody Jaffe assists both in understanding and navigating the landscape of employment and labor laws in the Golden State.  Our San Francisco employment attorneys focus on just this one area of practice. 

Our philosophy is that every party to an employment relationship deserves, and sometimes needs, competent, knowledgeable and strong representation.  Whether there is already a dispute or you want to avoid one, our employment lawyers' main goal is to help to create and maintain a fair, safe and high-morale workplace so everyone can focus on the success of the business.

  • Training in avoiding harassment and maintaining other employment practices to prevent violations.
  • Review of employment-related policies and practices for legal compliance.
  • Addressing conflicts, problems and disciplinary matters that arise in the workplace.
  • Drafting, review, interpretation and negotiation of employment-related contracts.
  • Investigation of workplace complaints and misconduct.
  • Layoffs and reductions in force.
  • Protection of trade secrets.
  • Collective bargaining and labor relations practices.
We can assist with counsel or representation in situations involving just about any legal issue that arises in the employment context, including:

  • Discrimination in hiring, compensation, discipline, termination, and all other employment decisions.
  • Sexual, racial, religious, disability-based, and all other unlawful forms of harassment.
  • Wage and hour laws and regulations.
  • Reasonable accommodation of disabilities.
  • Leaves of absence for workers.
  • Retaliation for whistleblowing or other protected conduct.
  • Enforcing contract terms.
  • Employee privacy.
  • Workplace safety and health.